Darren Dawson Karting

Looking Forward AND Winning

Profile of Darren Dawson

Darren's first proper word (apart from Giraffe) was Subaru.  As a baby he sat with his Mum on the windowsill watching cars drive past and by the age of two recognised the Subaru Impreza engine noise before it came into view.

From the age of three, he was given an old electric car, and from there his parents could see he had talent.  He could drive through spaces that they thought would wreck it.

He started karting half way through his seventh year at Cambuslang Outdoor Karting coached by Iain Brown and started practising at WSKC, Larkhall in a Cobalt Honda.  He aced his MSA Arcs test with a 100% in the theory.  

In time for his first novice race he swapped to a Zip Lightening Chassis and moved to Clan Racing Team and was guided by Andy Fairley.  In his first year he won a novice trophy at ESKC, Crail and raced at all the tracks on the ASKC Scottish Super Series Calendar.

By the start of the second year, his Mum and Dad bought a Race Van / Camper and they made the decision to race 'down south' starting at MBKC Three Sisters Wigan.  

So .... In Darren's 2nd year of racing, his most memorable moments for him are as follows: 
2nd in June at MBKC Wigan to Archie Swinscoe, a well known Super One Championship Racer (not just second but on his bumper lol). 

Coming second in the heat at CKRC Rowrah.  

Winning his first 1st place trophy at MBKC Wigan in July inspired by the tragic death of Jules Bianchi.  #JB17 Forever 

One that probably means the most to him .... Winning the Jules Honda Cup at MBKC Wigan.  

Winning the CHKRC Hooton Park round in November. 

Coming 3rd in ESKC Club Championship at Crail after only racing two rounds. 

Coming 6th in the NKF Championships against lads that knew the tracks like the back of their hand. 

Winning the Grand Finale of the NKRA and coming second overall in the national only due to points not accumulated from previous rounds beacause his parents entered him after the rounds were finished. 

Winning the North England & North Wales Regional NKRA Winners trophy. 

Winning the Autumn Series at Wigan over three rounds and the most important of all for him (having comfortably won every final since July he's the real club champ) ...... Wigan MBKC Honda Cadet Club Champion 2015.

Not half bad considering he travels from Scotland every time to most of these tracks for the full weekend and still manages to keep his marks and behaviour good at school.