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2018 plans

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LGKC Race weekend report

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Hi its me Darren and this week I'm going to do a new thing called 'race reviews' and I will also do race previews. So any way, I am going to "report" on my larkhall race weekend. Heat 1 I started at the back of 4 junior TKM's who paid LGKC a visit from Rowrah CKRC, and 4 mini max and by lap 4 I was in 5th then I went on a passing streak into 2nd then followed through a Junior Rotax driver on the last lap to gain first. Heat 2 I started mid pack and slowly snuck by all the mini max but got overtaken by a Junior TKM driver, Ian Sisson and had an absolutely amazing battle with him and just pipped him out to win heat 2 Heat 3 I started mid pack again but had a terrible start that put me last so I knew I had some work on my hands I eventually reeled everyone in and came a very close third. Final There isn't much to say about the final apart from me starting first ahead of the mini max and Junior TKM with the Junior Rotax's going out first ahead of us all. I managed to race against a Junior Rotax on the first lap and bossing the whole race and coming home to win it. Thanks to GFR Engines in Larkhall for a really quick and brilliant rebuild on a very sick engine. Also to Mad Croc for a great kart. Overall the kart felt amazing and I could throw it like I never had before. Also massive shouts outs to Ian Sisson for an amazing fight, Gordie Mutch for coming and mentoring me, which really made my weekend and Super Fast Scots for making a surprise visit to the LGKC, truly honoured at getting a mention on his Facebook page too. I hope that you enjoyed my race report and next week I'm going to do a race preview for the 13th 14th rowrah weekend if any one is coming see you then. That's all for now, bye!!!!

race week schedule

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Hi I'm back with my blog and this week you are about to get told all about my build up to a race weekend... MONDAY-start watching videos and taking notes (make sure the driver is good first and make sure that the video is around is the track your looking for!) also start looking at track maps. If you have a gym near you e.g boxing(for fitness and strength) etc go to it and also get onto food that your parents think will help your stamina and strength. Also try to get to bed early (it is vital to get into the rhythm of getting into bed EARLY and getting as much sleep as possible) Forgot to mention if you have a race game go play it if you have a sim even better play it in spare time TUESDAY-Wake up early because you'll need this skill for being able to get track walks in! Also if you keep going over the track maps and videos you will be able to do the track blindfolded (that is a metaphor please don't go out on track blindfolded if you do don't blame me if anything happens!) if you also keep eating healthily and going to a gym that will help you too WEDNESDAY-If you are going to the track on Thursday evening and need to pack clothes, Wednesday would be a great day to pack everything you need and charge anything e.g transponder and GOPRO also do that then but if you are leaving on Friday Evening you should only start packing clothes. If you need to go over notes also do that, make sure to have a spare track map! THURSDAY-Today you must ask a parent (or Terence Dove get a parent to text him your notes!) who has your track map and notes to sit down with you and ask you everything about the track e.g corners braking etc after that go pack only if your leaving on Friday, Thursday leavers you go play a race game before you go away to track FRIDAY (only read if you leave on Friday) -Everything I said on Thursday you could go do again except packing Thank you for reading this but this is my last blog update until after Easter so everyone good luck for if you are racing and have a great Easter. Oh ... and wish me luck for the first LGM series round in Mini X30 at TVKC this weekend copyrighted to Darren James Dawson in honour of Terence Dove

Terence Dove EvenFlow and how he helps!!!

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Hi I'm back after not posting for 2 months and 2 days and this week I want to talk about driver mentors, more specifically Terence Dove at Evenflow. Terence Dove has helped me a lot over the last year and a half by teaching me the ways of driving quick and not looking back (ultra important!). The way we started working with Terence Dove was, my mum downloaded his online book/guide and I read it all so then my mum asked Terence Dove for a 1 hour skype session and since then he has helped me right up to now. It was actually Terence, who first spotted that I was ready for Junior Karting. I would definitely recommend Terence Dove to any budding drivers who need some help or just want some more guidance (watch out for the Alfa Romeo trap though!) www.evenflow.co.uk or to pre order his book 'Learn How to Master the Art of Kart Driving'. Terence Dove is also the genie of the data reading art. That's all from me this week and next time I'll chat about my build up programme / schedule leading to a race weekend but until then au revoir !!!!

Mad Croc Kart Chassis Review

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Hi I am back and this blog is all about the Mad Croc chassis and my review. The kart is very good and can be driven as smoothly as you want so don't throw it and throw it, so that is why it suits me because I drive smoothly. It even won the 2015 Le Mans X30 kart race, driven by Jacob Stilp and went on to win the 2016 Super One Junior X30 championship driven by Gordon Mutch. In fact, Gordie, who I shared a team tent with in 2015 said I would like so I went for a day with PPR at Whilton Mill, who run Mad Croc Promotion UK. After that I was begging my dad for one so my dad bought the one I tested on. Once we bought it, I started going to ESKC other wise known as Crail and I was really quick so we kept going then decided to go to WSKC Larkhall. We were back at Whilton Mill over Christmas and PFI as well, the Mad Croc Chassis responds well in all situations. We travelled to HKRC, Kimbolton at the weekend for my first time there and also the first race in Mini X30 and we had a blast. Kimbolton is a tricky track but really enjoyable and I was glad I had the Mad Croc. Fusion were better than us because they constantly run there but I cant wait for my next race there, especially in the LGM Mini X30 tour. That's all for now and next time I will talk about how Terence dove at Evenflow helps me.

MINI X30 and me

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Hi, I'm Darren Dawson and this is my Blog. Sorry about not posting before but I'm here now and this week I am going to chat about why I went mini x30. Mini X30 is the x30 version of mini max. Although mini x30 is slightly quicker than mini max it isn't that recognisable. The main reason why I moved up is because I am only 11 year and I'm taller than quite a few kids that are older than me. We did what we could do with the Honda Cadet but got everything we could out of it. We then decided to take mini x30 on senior chassis for my height and it's okay so far. Although we will be racing against the likes of Fusion drivers who spend way more money than me, we are certainly having more fun. The kart is very exciting because I am used to driving a four stroke but going into 2 stroke means I have to drive differently than how I'm used to driving. This year I will have the JB sticker kit in support of the Jules Bianchi Foundation. My number will be 317 and I will be in the PPR / Mad Croc Promotions UK team. That's all this week and next week I will chat about the Mad Croc chassis.