Darren Dawson Karting

Looking Forward AND Winning

January 17  - HKRC Kimbolton               4th in Mini X30                 First time at Kimbolton Race Track
February 17 - CKRC Rowrah                  1st in Mini X30                 Small grid but worth the trip
February 17 - WSKC Larkhall                 1st in Mini X30                 Small grid again but good to be home
February 17 - MBKC Wigan                    1st in Mini X30                 Small grid but brought back good memories of being Honda Champion
March 17    - TVKC PFI                          13th in Mini X30                With a seriously knackered engine and carb - at least he finished !
March 17    - LGKC Larkhall                    1st in Mini X30                 Managed to keep up with Juniors for half a lap lol
April 17      - TVKC LGM Series PFI       18th in Mini X30                Engine problems again and cracked chassis so not too bad at all really
April 17      - LGKC Larkhall                     1st in Mini X30                 Really exciting mixing it up with Junior TKM
May 17      - CKRC Rowrah